So in case you're wondering what Jamie-Lynn Sigler has been doing since the Sopranos, she's been giving handjobs to portly drivers on airplanes. I guess that makes Turtle a member of the Mile High Club? I know you usually have to have sex, but I think actresses should count differently — especially if you're built like Turtle.

Sigler may have had the least flattering guest spot in the history of guest spots. She's on screen for a total of about 2 minutes. In that time, she manages to be a bitch to a stewardess and beat off Turtle. I'd put that way below Anna Faris' naked car crash. At least she only took E out to dinner.

Aside from harassing Turtle about the Jamie-Lynn incident, the guys didn't do much this week. They spent most of the episode trying to contact Ari who was trying to figure out if he wanted the studio-head job. They take a meeting with Josh Weinstein who acts like as big a douche as always. He offers Vince a TV job that he turns down immediately. He also calls Eric "E-Murph."

I wish Ari had taken the studio-head job just to spite Amanda. After practically killing Alan Gray 2 episodes ago it would have been awesome to see him change his entire life just to piss her off. Don't get me wrong, he's still definitely in the running for biggest asshole ever, but this really would have sealed it. Instead he's able to get the studio-head position for Dana Gordon and she promises Vince "Smoke Jumpers." High five! 

A very strong showing for the ladies this week:

-    "I'd rather suck a rabid dog's dick." – Amanda
-    "I'll rub your cock like it's 1990." – Dana
-    "I would have f*cked him too if he kept his mouth shut." – Jamie

And as always, Ari Gold:

-    Admitting to his wife that he flipped a coin when deciding if he should marry her
-    "We're f*cked in the way you like to get f*cked. Not the way normal people like it."
-    "You'll always be my number 1 whore, Dana."

B-Murph out.