Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook," or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I got new email address, and gave it to my parents (probably a bad idea in itself) at their request. My mom called me up and said, "No, I wanted your E-mail address, not your G-mail address." I tried to explain that gmail is just google's email service, and I thought she understood. 2 days later she calls me again saying that she went to google and put in my address and nothing came up, and wanted me to get a "normal email" and not a gmail account. Frustrated, I walked her through the steps of how to send me an email. An hour later, I get a lolcats link asking if "i can haz hug." Wow.
Tom T

After being asked by a friend if he had an email address, my father responded, "I think so, try"
Heather M, Salisbury

Whenever my mom charges her phone she says, "I need to rev up my cell phone."
Sean Hunter

I have a USB printer that I use at home with my laptop. Sometimes I'll forget to plug it in if I'm not printing something out when I first get home. I'll go back to my computer 6 hours later, plug in the printer, and without fail it will spit out 20 copies of a document my mother was trying to print earlier that day. She never says a word, and neither do I. Also, my dad wants me to teach him to use the "BlueTube" on his phone.
Mike Reagan, Salisbury

My Mom became a fanatic about the cleanliness of our front yard at home. I couldn't even walk outside when I was at home in my pajamas. When I asked her why she, all of a sudden, cared about our front yard, she replied that the "Google Earth people" would see and post it on their web site.
Katie Phillips, Virginia Commonwealth University

I had to rename the Firefox shortcut on my grandparents computer "The internet" because they got confused when I removed internet explorer.
Dan Altman, Lehigh

My mom recently asked me to check her email for her because she claimed the password didn't work. When she told me what the password should be she claimed it contained a "single quote sign", what she really meant was an apostrophe. Anyway after so many failed password attempts the password was automatically changed for security. I explained to her that she'd need to call out ISP to get a new password. She decided to do that by submitting an online request for help through the company's website. At the end of the form it asked how to contact you with feedback. She decided the most practical way would to get them to respond through the email account she had locked herself out of less than 10 minutes ago. She also thought it would be helpful to leave a list of things she might like the password to be when they changed it.
Jimmy C

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