Take a drink:

  • If a state turns blue, desperately chug if it turns red
  • For every 20 electoral votes Obama gets
  • Every time you wonder if the exit poll interviewee is retarded

Take a shot

  • If Obama wins your state, 2 if you're from Florida or Ohio
  • Every time Obama obtains 10% more of the popular vote

Share a beer with a friend:

  • Any time your candidate is called a Socialist

Chug a can of Labatt Blue

  • Every time you threaten to move to Canada

Chug a Red Bull:

  • If McCain wins Pennsylvannia, It's gonna be a long night.

If Obama is Losing:

  • Drink every time MSNBC says that it's too close to call

Bitterly sip from a tumbler of Scotch and curse the heavens:

  • If the winner of the popular vote doesn't win the general election

Switching Party Affiliations?