I, Tyler Platt, got the job! Somehow! Now it's my chance to start fresh and be a grown-up. It's all about how I decorate my totally awesome new cubicle.
No more kid's stuff. I'm just going to bring the essentials. Just a laptop and some air freshener to take care of the stench Gladys sends from the next cubicle over. And a crock pot because I'm going to learn to save money and make my own lunch. And I'll need to order pizza because everything cooked in a crock pot sucks. And I should bring some chill posters because I don't want my work space to look drab. And, well, I'll need to switch out my swivel chair for a bean bag because of my completely legit lumbar problem. And I'll need to bring some extra clothes because the office has some serious climate fluctuation problems. And, obvi, I have to bring my Scarface DVD so everyone knows that I'm cool. Just that stuff though.

Grown-up work area, here I come!