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You know how game shows have the play at home game where you can text in a number and it gives you a shot at winning money? Junior year my housemates and I conspired to trick our friend into thinking he won $250,000 on "Deal or No Deal." Earlier in the week I called my brother and let him know that if I texted him between 8-9 PM, he should call our housemate and pretend that he won the grand prize. It took several days, but on Thursday, he guessed the correct briefcase. My brother called him three minutes later and told him the good news and to stand by for further instructions. My housemate started running around, screaming about how this was going to change his life. We almost felt bad when he started talking about all the stuff he was going to buy us. He was on the phone with his parents when the show returned announcing the real winner as Jane Doe from East Moosehead, Minnesota. My housemate dropped to his knees with a look of utter devastation on his face. We started laughing as he ran to his room to hide. He came out about 15 minutes later and said he couldn't be mad because that was the best prank he had ever seen.
Nate Miller, Ithaca College

Billy, because you wouldn't shower, we would febreeze you while you slept. Also, stop calling yourself Billy, your name is Bih-Chuan.
Phil C, Maryland

Remember how every week freshman year all the guys on our floor would get hammered and never get caught while you would just sit in our room and do homework because you wanted to be a RA the next year. Isn't it funny though that the one time you did drink, you got in caught and fined and automatically disqualified from the RA selection process. Maybe you shouldn't throw a basketball at my girlfriend's face from three feet away in a sad attempt to be flirty. Especially when I'm in the room.
M G, St. Thomas

So, now that you're 8000 miles and an entire ocean away, you want to talk shit. Listen, you're like the 7th guy IN A ROW she's been engaged to. You're not special, you're a statistic. You're number 8 and Tuesday to her. By the way, yeah, we slept together like 9 times while you we're together. Nothing like seeing them thighs quiver! I hope she has your chud baby.
Jacob A., US Navy

Some friends and I went backpacking through Europe this past summer and spent some time traveling with these cool dudes we met in Italy. Except for Dave. Dave was apparently having a horrible time because his girlfriend cheated on him with some French dude and abandoned him in Paris. He complained about everything we did, where we stayed, what we ate, etc. I'm Croatian, and so our next stop was Croatia and we invited the cool dudes to come with us. By this time, Dave was becoming unbearable. My family was kind enough to put us all up for a few days, cook for us, do our laundry, even let us borrow their cars (all for FREE) and Dave was just a straight up douche to everyone. We were walking through a town one day and he would not shut up about how hot it was and how pissed he was we didn't go to the beach. We'd all had enough of Dave at this point so I let my traveling companions in on a plan. I told Dave that when it got this hot in Croatia, it was tradition to jump off the dock into the ocean while screaming a certain phrase, and if he'd just shut up for another hour, we could all jump in. So we all went down to the dock, I taught everyone how to say the "traditional phrase," and we did the whole "everyone jump on 3" bit. Thing is, Dave was the only one that jumped. What we didn't tell Dave was that no one ever swims in that water because it's where the city sewage system drains out, and the phrase he screamed at the top of his lungs was, "I suck dick for free!" Needless to say, Dave was not too happy with me. He left 2 days later while the rest of his friends hung out with my family for a week. We didn't miss Dave, but my family sure loved the story.
Olivia K, School Not Given

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