The Rave

Once upon a school night dreary, I sat studying U.S History,
pouring over tomes and volumes, stopping only to check the basketball score,
As I read about poor Lincoln, I heard my roommates try to creep in,
Making much noise as they stammered through our apartment door,
"Tis, the drunkards" I stated, "Hammered on our apartment floor-
I went back to studying the Civil War.

Twas no surprise they didn't remember about me studying for my midterm,
as they forcefully tried to enter my room by breaking down the door.
I pleaded they stop that instant, but they simply wouldn't listen-
threatening with urine to christen, the new paint upon my chamber door.
I finally stopped their endless battery on my new white chamber door.
It wasn't that white any more.

The roomies spoke of an awesome party, one where you could dress so gaudy,
that no one- no one would judge you for what you wore.
My heart, it longed to leave that bedroom, I knew then someone's car must have room
To transport me to this party along some foreign shore.
Oh how I longed to leave that U.S. History bore.
We drove there in my friends Explorer.

Upon arrival to this complex, I got out searching for my next,
chance to let loose upon some party's main dance floor.
My roomies led me to a doorstep, through it I heard music with pep-
more pep than any other music I had heard before
I knew this would be a party unlike any other before,
We then opened up the door.

Black lights inside were all a'glowing, how could I come here without knowing,
it was a Rave that my roommates took me to in the Explorer.
In my chest the music was thumping, the bass was strong and it kept bumping-
bumping techno and shaking everyone on the floor,
In no time I made my way upon that crowded floor.
Quoth the DJ "READY FOR MORE?!"

Everyone around me, grinning, had with them some glow sticks spinning,
creating deadly nun chucks whirling on the dancing floor.
House music kept the tempo steady, as every raver got ready
for the song by Benni Benassi, that everyone in the room adored.
Immediately they got the "Satisfaction" song which they adored.
Everyone was on drugs I'm sure.

No woman there had caught my fancy and weird people made me antsy,
as they all, trance like, were out dancing,and ingesting drugs like it was a chore
I left the floor and took to sipping, whilst the party was all tripping,
all of them, trip, trip, tripping out there on the floor.
My departure was looming, of that I was sure,
Quoth me saying "Back to the Explorer!"

I left that night from the party bumping, with my buddies who were slumping,
much like people have since the drunken days of yore.
I crashed that night in the Explorer, hoping to escape the horror
of the tripping ravers dancing up there on the second floor.
Oh how I regret ever setting foot there on that second floor.
Will I party again? NEVERMORE.