Congratulations—you have almost survived another semester! Maybe it's time to blow off some of that post-midterm stress…or do something cool enough to talk about with your friends when you go home for Thanksgiving? Either way, there are a lot of reasons you should check out one of the upcoming CH Live shows.

We just stopped at the University of Miami for Halloween with some of CH's favorite comics—Dan Levy, Ben Gleib and Nikki Glaser. Check out our Live Tour page to see clips from around the country. Our final stop this fall is at Oakland on 11/21, but we'll be soon adding more dates to make sure everyone gets in on the action.

Whose futon we're crashing on next:
  • 11/12 – University of Wyoming
  • 11/14 – University of Washington
  • 11/19 – Dickinson College
  • 11/21 – Oakland University
  • 4/18/09 – La Salle University