It's my favorite time of the week, it's time for the Weekly WYR. See if you're brave enough to choose a side in what surely are the universe's most difficult quagmires. And remember, if you've got a great WYR, submit it at the bottom of this or any WYR article.

Would You Rather…

  • Have infinite money, or live as long as you want? From Brian
  • Be famous for getting beat up by Clay Aiken, or be famous for banging Oprah? From reed
  • Call it Rhode Island, or Kakapoopoopeepeeshire? From Dave
  • Have an unlimited supply of quarters and not have a cell, or have a cell and never be able to use a quarter again? From Josh
  • Have world peace, or have Ted Dansen and Woopie Goldberg get back together? From Connor
  • Never be able to scratch your back, or your balls again? From Steven
  • Only have sex once a year, with the new Miss Universe on the night she is crowned, or have daily sex with a fat chick? From Dylan
  • Have straight, black teeth that can't be whitened, or pearly white, crooked teeth that can't be fixed? From gavin
  • Have a dumb girlfriend with big boobs, or a smart girlfriend with a major bank account and no boobs? From Marten

Finally, this week's winner of the Haha Award is irab, who sent in this.

  • Be able to rig the presidential election or be the dirty liberal media and ruin this country? From irab

Sorry Irab, but- in your face.

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