Thought the title was interesting and looked at the article and was like, "this guy must've spent more time thinking of the title of this article then he did writing it."
You're right. Good call.

Looked at the title and thought, "hey this could be good" but then looked at the author and was like "this guy is a f*cking joke" so you skipped it.
F*ck you asshole.

Looked at the title, laughed for a while, forgot what you were doing so you got up and ate some Doritos.
You're high as f*ck. Nice.

Read the whole article and found which paragraph described how you read an "and what it says about you" article and took that as a serious description of your personality.
I honestly don't know what to say.

Tried to read it but it looked like this: uoY tuobA syaS tI tahW dnA elcitrA "uoY tuobA syaS tI tahW dnA" nA daeR uoY woH"
You're dyslexic. You should probably see someone about that.