So these two ladies are mad at each other and exchange harsh words. The white guy was pretty pissed off about something and the old white lady was like I'm so pissed and then the guy in the black turtle neck with the weird face who looks similar to Michael Keaton from Batman was staring out the blinds and saying something (I was watching this on mute) and then walked away. Very creepy scene; a must watch!

Then the first white guy from earlier was talking to this doctor about something. Then the white guy and a different white girl talk. Apparently no one watched this episode and so no one posted a summary on IMDB so I have no clue what I watched. Is the bearded old guy dead? Well, I do know that the days of our lives are similar to an hourglass. They obviously stole this line from the popular song "Just Breathe" by Anna Nalick.

On IMDB the plot keywords are Mother Daughter Relationship, Rumor, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Family Relation, and Sex. Really NBC? Really? Do your actors and their family even watch this show?

Dear NBC, this show was only interesting in the 1800's when you could either watch this or Gilligan's Island and now there are many other TV show options and this show is like 100 years old and it just feels like a wart on the bottom of your foot in that its easily forgettable unless you accidentally step on it and then it hurts for a little and then you can't get the pain of it out of your head and you're extra careful for the next week not to step on it again until you forget about it.

Let those poor actors just die already, they're tired of being brought into space and flown around at faster than the speed of sound so you can extend their life until the next episode. Seriously, by now the show should be called "Decades of Our Lives."