Where to go and why
Austrailia: Your school has an Exchange Program? Thats pretty cool. Your school only does pass/fail grading on said program? Hell yes.  So what if you barely make the minimum grade requirements to sign up, cant speak anything other than enlgish, and have no real concept of the outside world?  Sure your middle american upbringing has left your understanding of outside world lacking, but hey Austrailia has great weather, that is when your hangover isnt making sunny days the last thing you want to see.

Canada: Congradulations you appear not to understand the entire concept we are working with here, there is only one reason to go to Canada on foreign exchange under any circumstance; you are 18-20 and are somehow unable to obtain alcohal in a university.  Since thats really the only major difference between the two countries not counting Quebec you are likely a unsociable drunk or a really cheap fracophile.

England: You cant speak a foreign language and england seems exciting! good for you! Unfortunately you are only a history major and think that somehow having some sort of european Unviersity on your student record will totally get you hired (wherever history majors get hired? Have fun teaching a Parkland Middle School)

France/Italy: Smug art history/architecture major?  Do I have a plce for you.  Imagine spending an entire year in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, getting to see some of the most famous things in your field.  Do you want to sit and smoke in a Parisian Cafe? Well unfortunately your image of France is laughably wrong and people rarely smoke in Paris anymore.  But your crappy sense of style that you tried so desperately to pass off as 'European' back home will be mocked endlessly.

Japan: Like Anime? good.  Just kidding you will be mocked endlessly for watching Naruto, but hey there are some Japanese girls that might actually like you despite being a chubby neckbearded outcast with poor social skills.  Just kidding, did you really buy that asian girls are submissive and love the white dick thing? Also that Japanese self study you did didnt work out but your pronounciation is pretty entertaining.