Ok, so since nobody is doing Prison Break anymore, I decided to step up and try writing an article to see how it comes out.If you guys like it, I'll write another one for the finale next week and maybe pick up Entourage next season.

Previously (in a nutshell): Bellick and Roland died. Michael has a brain tumor. T-Bag now goes by Cole Phieffer and works at Gate, which islocated next door to The Company. Lincoln and Sucre barge into "Cole's office" all the time because they're doing "closet construction." Žobody working at Gate seem to think that this is weird. They're really going underground somehow (they seem to be on a high floor of a skyscraper) and drilling a hole into the company. Gretchen is also helping T-Bag out and T-Bag's secretary is working with Agent Brooklyn.


We start out with a boring and pointless scene of Sucre and Lincoln drilling only to find that Michael was completely right about the wall having steel fibers or whatever. Sarah is concerned with Michael's brain tumor and makes it clear that if he's not operated on TODAY he WILL DIE! ‚ut Michael is too nice of a guy/cocky to put this whole mission in Mahone's hands, because let's face it, Mahone was only a top FBI agent his whole life. So he decides to risk it so he can stand there and oversee the drilling.

Meanwhile, Gretchen and T-Bag decide to steal the last card by seducing The General. To do this Gretchen slips into a Halloween costume that she obviously stole from the Delta Gamma sorority house at UCLA. When T-Bag first sees her he says, "Well, I was born on a mountain-side!" a phrase in which the only sexual connotation was the rapist-like tone that he said it in. He takes the picture and sends it to The General while he is in a meeting about moving Scylla to PA. When he sees the picture he decides that getting his D- wet is much more important than preventing him and the company from going down, so he takes a one-hour break for "an important appointment with Gretchen." I guess I would call it that too.

When he gets there, all of the sudden he doesn't want to tap that. I think this is because he realizes that Gretchen is too hot to just want some 80-year-old balls on her face in exchange for nothing. He points a gun to her head only to for to tell him she's carrying his child and not to shoot her. Yeahhhhh right! We've all heard THAT one before!

Agent Brooklyn and Secretary go to this "Safe-house" where T-Bag and Gretchen were supposedly meeting up with another potential Scylla buyer."When's the last time you've done a sweep?" asks Agent Brooklyn. "Only in Academy" Secretary responds. Too bad academy didn't teach either of them that two agents with no backup probably couldn't raid a 200 Million-Dollar black market deal successfully. "hey are caught and tied up, which means that Agent Brooklyn finally made a worse decision than agreeing to do the show The War At Home.

The convicts all decide to dig anyway and worry about The General's card later. ichael basically is just standing there until Sucre almost messes it up by dropping the liquid nitrogen on the floor. Did anyone else see something like this coming? So of course the most logical person to send into a room where you'll have to walk and work on getting through glassreally steady is the one with the obscenely painful brain tumor. "urely enough, Michael gets a bad migraine on the way and surprisingly enough, when he moans in agony, it doesn't set off the sound alarm. ˆe gets through the glass and gets in using full concentration only to set off the alarm when he starts "feeling up" Scylla.



Gretchen in the schoolgirl outfit

The General's Baby Mama Drama

Did I say Gretchen in a schoolgirl outfit?

BEST That's What She Said Moment (sorry Chase):

"We have to drill through the walls without making a sound."