Welcome to the final edition of the Campus Chaos Challenge, presented by Kodak's new HD pocket video camera. This is it, people – the challenge that decides which of our three finalists will go home with what. Our third challenge, Anti-School Spirit, yielded tons of results, but there can only be one winner. Congratulations Shane, whose video 'Pretty Fly For A Golden Gael' received the highest rating from users. Shane is automatically entered into today's Final Challenge and will win either $500, $1,000 or $5,000.

Now for The Final Challenge. The three finalists have the full weekend to complete the challenge and upload their video by midnight on Monday. Then, based on user votes, we'll divvy up the $6,500 in prize money. Time to spam your Facebook friends for votes, Final Three. And now, without further ado, the last challenge.

Get as many people as you can to put underwear over their clothes and do a lap around campus. This is the final challenge, so both the number of people involved and the public nature of the run will matter. The more people you include, the better. The more unsuspecting people you involve, the better. It's all about creating a public spectacle, and an epic video to match.

Simple enough, right? So Final Three, take your cameras and get out there. We look forward to seeing the chaos you create.