Every invoice needs a name

Every contract needs endorsements

Yet every one of these looks the same

They are merely office documents

If you have a copy of a document the office needs

Better make it two, it's corporate policy anyway

And be careful not to bite the hand that feeds

Or you may find that it hard for you to stay

Everything in the office needs a manner of approval

No matter how small and minute they may be

Constantly keep a sharp eye on all blatant costs of evil

Even a girl's weight is not watched so closely

If you think that working in an office is simple and fun

You are probably working at CollegeHumor or a fool

And when you believe you have everything finished and done 

A pile of work always appears before the day is through

Then there are the office colleagues that either make your day

Or ruin it, as long as you and everyone else are in the rat race

But I say, screw them all and make your own way

When you find another job and skip out of this place.