Ok so my roommate invited me to go to a bluegrass concert.  I'm always to try new experiences so I said Ok why not?  We end up driving way out into the middle of the forest/swamp onto a remote farm way outside of town.  I'm thinking how does anyone know this is here, but we keep driving.  We finally get there and I pay for my ticket to get inside.  Everything looks pretty normal.  There are little kids playing and everyone is just chilling drinking beer.  Looks like a normal concert.  They start a big bonfire as the sun goes down and it helps to warm the cold night. The bands start and although its not my thing they sounded pretty good.  There was even a really great singer that performed too.  She wasn't that bad looking either.  Anyways after the bands stop performing most of the people go home.  My roommate was planning on just camping out for the night and since I had already had a few beers I figured I'd just stay too.  I mean these people look pretty normal….right? 

Well once most of the less hardcore fans were gone the true bluegrass people came out I guess you could say.  They started forming circles doing little rituals and I'm pretty sure they were doing drugs.  I even had some guy (lets call him jack) ask me if I had any mushrooms.  I told Jack no I didn't and he was like ok If I find any I'll let you know and told him no that is ok you keep them and he replied cool man.  I went back over to my roommate and was talking with some people that I kind of knew.  They were a lot of fun and I ended up talking to a guy about hunting and fishing since he was a ranger.  I felt a little more relaxed and drank a few more beers.

The next thing I knew my roommate was talking to some guy in an old vietnam jacket.  I went over to see what they were talking about.  We ended up talking about mostly history and some astronomy.  I was taking an astronomy course at the time and so the conversation wasn't that bad.  Well the guy had a few more beers and then I came to realize this guy wasn't as normal as I thought.  Turned out he was an extreme liberal.  He thought the government was out to get him and started talking about conspiracy theories.  I just kept smiling and nodding thinking I could be at a bar talking to some girl right now, not fearing for my life in the middle of nowhere.  My roommate finally took the hint that I didn't want to be talking to this guy either and so we both excused ourselves, but he wouldn't stop talking so we both said we had to use the restroom and left.  Most of the people were asleep by now and there were some people playing some guitar by the fire.  I was freezing so I went to join them with my roommate and their friends.  The rest of the night went pretty normal and we set up tent. 

The next morning I got into my car and started driving off.  And who would you know would be chasing after me, but good old Jack.  He needed a ride back to town so I figured what was the worst that could happen right?  I mean he looks unarmed and didn't look suicidal or anything so I said sure.  We start driving down the road and he is asking questions and I'm answering as generic as much as I could.  Oddly enough he ends up being in college, I figured he was in high school.  Well I am in the middle of asking him specific directions to his apartment when he just stops talking.  I look over and see he is absolutely out.  I mean I am yelling, pushing him, shaking the car violently, and I even tried screaming OH MY GOD and slamming on the brake…nothing only thing that happened was his head slammed against the window a few times.  So I am freaking out thinking this guy is dead.  I don't want to check his vitals, because frankly I didn't him waking up and finding me grabbing his throat.  Not really something you want to be explaining to the cops. 

So I know the general area where he lives so I just drive there figuring if worse comes to worse I could drop him off at the hospital or something.  Well I get really close to the area he said he lived and I tried waking him up again…nothing.  I park in the parking lot and am just about to dial 911 and have an ambulance come pick him up when he wakes up asks where he is immediately mumbles something and then goes back to sleep.  I think wtf?  So I just drive and am repeating is this the right direction?  He finally wakes up says I passed it so i turn around and he tells me where to pull into.  I stop at the front of the complex and put it in park.  He looks at me gets out and starts to look for his apartment complex and I swore to never do that again.