Great news, horny boys.  The 'wear a bikini' memo officially went out in Hollywood this week.  Everyone from Stacy Keibler to Kristin Cavallari to Kim Kardashian hit the beach to remind us what breasts look like.  Thank God, I was starting to forget.  As apparently was Richard Simmons. (Hollywood Tuna, Egotastic, WWTDD)

Unfortunately for them, Bikini Week has all but entirely been overshadowed by the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, or as I like to call it, Your Spank Bank: Live.  Everyone from Adriana Lima to Heidi Klum to Marisa Miller hit the runway in the latest styles by VS.  And I'm sure the styles are exactly why you're looking at these pictures. (CelebSlam)

Ready for your head to explode?  The VS Fashion Show and Bikini Week collided in not one but two glorious photo shoots.  'But Sarah, how is this possible?' 'Shhh, there there. It'll all be over soon.' (Egotastic, IDLYITW)

And now, on to non-bikini/underwear news (cue unanimous groan).

Just kidding!  This bitch is wearing a plastic thong and no top at the beach!  Whaaaa! (WWTDD)

But seriously guys.

TRL officially aired its last episode this week, signing off MTV forever.  Aww, what a bummer.  Now we have to stop not watching it. (DListed)

Suri Cruise has been named #1 on Forbes' list of Hollywood's 10 Hottest Tots, but sadly only #8 on their list of Hollywood's Sexiest Baby Asses. (DListed)

Big news, guys!  Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson finally had their baby last night.  It's name?  Oh, that's not important.  *clears throat*  Mmm.  Or whatever.  So let's—ok FINE.  It's Bronx.  Bronx Mowgli.  Yeah, like the Jungle Book kid.  WhatEVER I don't want to talk about it. (WWTDD)

Wanda Sykes came out of the closet this week at the Annual You Seriously Think We Don't Know? convention.  Last year's honoree Clay Aiken was also in attendance. (DListed)

This week, an avid PETA supporter threw a bag of flour on Lindsay Lohan as she attempted to enter a club in Paris.  Because if there's one thing people hate, its getting easily-shaken-out non-staining generally-harmless flour on their clothes. (IDLYITW)

Jennifer Garner finally got a permanent restraining order this week against her long-term stalker, Steven Burky.  The pair have been together since 2002 and have no children. (IDLYITW)

This week we got some hot thigh action from former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.  Exactly 15 days late. (Egotastic)

Guy Ritchie is so excited about finalizing his divorce to Madonna that he won't even try to get any of her money.  You know its bad when you don't even care enough to gold dig. Madonna's fortune: $450 million.  Lawyer fees: $5,000.  Not having to bone a roided out skeleton anymore: priceless. (CelebSlam)

Breaking news: Jean Claude Van Damme is a total skeeve!  Oh.  You already knew that?  Alright, carry on. (DListed)

This week, a trickster hacked into Miley Cyrus' MySpace account and posted a message that Miley had died in a car crash.  There is something seriously f*cked up here — are people still using MySpace!? (CelebSlam)

Debbie Matenopoulos is the latest victim of the internet, apparently finding out about her impending divorce by reading about it online.  Which sounds like the sad, depressing followup to You've Got Mail. (CelebSlam)

This week we got a sneak peek at Johnny Depp's 'Mad Hatter' in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland remake.  This makes sense, as Depp's agents refuse to book him in any part that will not later make a kickass Halloween costume. (DListed)

And last but not least, this week's Still Got It.  Despite George Clooneys collection of odd looks this week (from Hitler to crazy Tom Selleck in just 5 minutes!) and the Kyle XY Victoria's Secret model that has NO BELLY BUTTON, this week's winner is Hugh Jackman.  Because despite being named People's Sexiest Man of 2008, he can still manage to look like this.  Still Got It, Hugh. (CelebSlam, WWTDD, Egotastic, IDLYITW, DListed)