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So you may be wondering about how I was able to pay for that brand new EA Sports NCAA Basketball 2009. Well your stupid ass leaves change all over the room, and you don't notice when it goes missing. It isn't missing, I am well aware of where it is going. In my drawer. Where it has accumulated over the last 2 months until it reached $61.31. Just enough for me to buy the new EA sports basketball game. What am I doing later tonight? Playing the game that you unbeknownst bought for me.
Keegan Rush, Guilford College

I used to live with this girl, a few weeks ago, that had parties all the time and drank every night and had a boyfriend in another state, while sleeping with 3 different guys here. She also flirted with my boyfriend every chance she got. When I moved out, she hid a bunch of my stuff in her room where I would leave it. The day before I moved out I put jalapeno Juice in the soda, ranch and Ketchup and also in her face soap. Did you ever wonder why your face started stinging when you wash it in the mornings? Maybe you can learn to get a job and pay your own rent instead of trying to get money from every one of your f*ck buddies.
Michelle Q., Texas

I shared a residence with 5 other girls. Everyone else was okay except these two big twats. After getting me into trouble with the residence Owner for a lie they made up, I decided enough was enough and I was going to move out. Before I handed in my keys, I came back one long-weekend that I knew they had gone home and threw approx 50 mice bought at various pet shops into the apartment. Needless to say that after 4 days of eating and procreating the mice destroyed the apartment and they had to pay the owner for all of the damages PLUS the exterminator.
Meagan S, Durham College

My roommate, who I knew since grade school, is the most annoying person ever. She tries so hard to get everyone else to like her and it really pisses me off. Every weekend she acts like she is so drunk, when I am pretty sure that she is faking it. When she falls asleep I take any stuff of hers that I want and when she asks why I have it, I tell her that when she was drunk she said I could have it. And since she is too embarrassed to admit that she wasn't actually drunk, she would ever ask for her stuff back. Seriously you're not getting back your new camera or ipod speakers.
Kelly Parker, School Not Given

Last year a few friends and I moved into a house off campus and since we didn't have any money one of my roommates' parents gave us some of their old couches. When the couches were delivered the roommate made a comment about how they had been in her basement all through high school and that she had some "good times" on them. She also jokingly mentioned that we might want to cover them with a sheet, eiew. Needless to say no one ever sat on those two couches. Instead the other five of us would all cram onto a loveseat so as to avoid old encrusted man juices, while the one roommate sat alone on her couch. Finally she got fed up with no one sitting on her couches and said she had just been joking and was pretty sure they were clean. We told her fine, we would perform a simple blacklight check of the couch, and if it passed inspection we would sit on it. She got so embarrassed that she left the room which worked out great because as it turned out the couch was free of stains (her mom must have washed it already). We then got some laundry detergent (shows up under blacklights) and drizzled it ALL OVER the couch. We even made smeared handprints. Then we all started shouting things about how disgusting it was and made our roommate come back into the room. When she saw the jizz explosion that documented her high school romance, she was so embarrassed that she immediately took the covers off the couch cushions and went to wash them. To this day she has no idea it only laundry detergent. We planned to tell her at graduation…or she could just read this article.
Colette G, Findlay

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