Hello, and welcome to Nerd News. This just in, New Jersinite "Chad Chadson" has challenged The Flash to a race around Morgantown, W.V. Chadson, 24, was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, but has been attending illustrious West Virginia University for the past 6 years, currently attempt to earn enough credits to be considered a junior, and happy to report he's only dropped two classes this semester. Luckily, Mario Santos was on the scene and recorded a transcript of Chadson's challenge.

Chadson: Dude…I'm so trashed. Got anything to eat?
Unidentified Male 1: I've got some Batman gummy snacks and some chips, take your pick.
Chadson: Brosef, you know Batman is a bad- (unintelligible due to party music suddenly increasing in volume)-which is why I'm pretty okay with Aquaman, he's alright in my book  But f___ the Flash.
Unidentified Male 2: Like…literally?
Chadson: What? Nah man, not like that. Though I bet I couldrape him in a race around town.
Unidentified Male 1: Isn't he supposed to be the fastestsuperhero?
Chadson: Bro, I don't f___ing care how fast the guy is. Hedoesn't know this town as good as me, it's like I built this town.
Unidentified Male 3: Man, you're full of it.
Chadson: Dude, f___ you! I officially challenge the Flash toa race around this town. Footrace, even, I don't care how fast he is.
Unidentified Male 2: Really? You really just gonna say that?You're a f___ing idiot.
Chadson: Whatever bro, I'd kick his ass! Woah! Beer bong Dibs!

Truly chilling stuff. No word yet on which of the Flash's hechallenged. Barry Allen and Wally West didn't care to comment, and Bart Allenis still currently deceased. We did get a hold of the "golden-age" Flashthough, Mr. Jay Garrick, who responded with, and I quote "I may be old, butI'll still outrace that little bitch. Wu-Tang!" Mr. Garrick then through up somegang signs and ran away really quickly.

That's all we have at this time, thank you for watching.Nerd News, we're adorkable.