I don't think I've ever seen a mother favor one son over the other as much as Mrs. Chase does. She seems to rip on Drama the same way that the rest of Hollywood does. I loved the welcome home sign with Vince's name in huge letters and Drama's in tiny letters under it. I guess the people on Queens Blvd only miss childhood friends based on their success, nobody cared about Turtle being back and E's family wasn't even existent. Below was my favorite dialogue between Drama and Mrs. Chase:

"Drama get the hell out of my kitchen!"
"But ma! I'm making Frittatas!"
"I'm worried about your brother and need to stay busy"

There wasn't too much Ari in this episode but Drama more than made up for it. He's finally starting to notice he's on the bottom of the crew, now that E is a Hollywood manager and Turtle is dating Jamie Lynn Siegler. How about that awkward phone sex scene? And how about Turtle's mother? She looks more like a Turtle than he does! Memories of George Costanza and his mother are coming back when watching this episode of Entourage. The funny part is, that George lived in Queens too and is about the same build as Turtle. Maybe if Turtle discovers anymore rappers, he could start his own label. He will call it Vandelay Records. Anyone excited for Entourage: The Later Years?

Me neither, so lets talk about Vince. Since he made one bad movie that didn't even come out in America, nobody seems to want to hire him. Why isn't this the case with Jaime Kennedy or any of the writers of Date Movie? Van Sant needs someone to play the lead in his new movie, just not Vince. E decides to go and keep pushing for Vince, even though Ari said not to. Van Sant seems to hate Vince at first, but is a lot more easy with his rejection of Vince after watching the Smoke Jumpers clips. Vince gets pissed and we see flashes of Johnny Drama-like rage when he storms out. E gets fired and flies to LA. Everything seems to be going well for him, and we all know that something needs to happen for Vince because bussing at Johnny Drama's bar next season would probably bring in significantly lower ratings. I'm right, Ari calls and Scorsese (another Queens native, interestingly enough) wants Vince for his Great Gatsby remake, which to me sounds really boring. This means it'll probably be nominated for an oscar and that would be sick! I can't wait until next season!

"In LA you can only get an actress or a hooker to [tug you]"
"sittin' in a booth all night getting no pussy could be draining"

-both by Johnny Drama

Did anyone else notice that E bumped into Michael Phelps? Phelps says "Hey Man! Watch it!" which not the most polite thing to say when you bump into someone who is a third of your size. Those gold medals and the Guitar Hero commercial must be going to his head.