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You borrowed my 110$ diesel shirt, 65 bucks, and my favorite hoodie, and you still did not give it back. That's fine, I used your id as collateral for about $1,200 worth of school a/v equipment, enjoy your next semester tuition bill.

P.J., School Not Given

Hey Cory, little did you know I read CollegeHumor. So you make me pay overdraft fees because you feel like being a douchebag, when you know full well that I pay my own tuition without scholarship? Well next time you leave your computer, don't leave your personal bank's website open and logged in. Don't worry, I didn't take much, just enough to pay back for the overdrafts… and a little extra for being a prick. My girlfriend and I will be having a fun time in Florida for Christmas break, thanks man!
Jake M, School Not Given

My roommate is this kid who LOVES bragging about how much money he has, how much he spends, and how he will only do and buy 'top tier' things. We all hate it. His all time personal favorite to talk about is how he won't buy anything but top shelf liquor. He claims that he is too good for anything else and refuses to drink anything but 'the best'. Alex- I hate to break it to you, but all year long we've all been downing your high society, highly over priced Bourbon and replacing it with 8$ a handle cheap as dirt whiskey. Not because we think yours is that much better, but because it's hilarious AND we enjoy telling the girls you're "working game on", that you're an idiot. So when you talk about how high class you are with your Bourbon on the rocks, there is a 99% chance you're drinking something that costs under a penny to make. OH and that argument you got into with that really cute girl the other week about how your 'nice wine' tasted nothing like Franzia (she ended up ditching you for me because you were yelling at her); she was spot on because it WAS Franzia. Thanks for all the free booze!
Addison Wright, Clemson University

You suggested we get each other Christmas gifts, so I took a hat from the "hats for the homeless donation box" in the lobby to give to you.
Connor, UNCC

My roommate is a disgusting, fat bitch. She is apart of the reject sorority on campus and thinks she's hott shit. She comes into the room I share with my fiance late at night while we are sleeping butt-ass naked and will leave the door open just so she can steal sodas and string cheese from our fridge. She's always bringing home guys who weigh half as much as she does. She tries sticking me with extra charges she has for her HDTV. When she moved in, she found out I like keeping things clean. After a while, she refused to do dishes or take out the trash claiming it was all mine. The funny thing is, every time I see her, she is eating. Not only does she order pizza all the time and leave pizza boxes all over the kitchen, she eats my food and leaves those empty containers all over the kitchen. After confronting her about eating my food, she claimed I was eating her food. Soon, my fiance and I got tired of it. We went into her room and I lifted up her mattress while he pissed on her brand new box springs. He also pissed in the corner behind her bed and the corner behind her futon. That's not so bad, but we had to get more creative. She works quite a bit in a local restaurant. He took her work shoes, lifted up the soles and let the stream go. Then, after drinking about a gallon of water, he pissed in one of the many empty water bottles next to her bed, hopefully she drank it. Not too long ago, he pissed on her toothbrush and her loofa. Recently, I've been putting Visine on the goodies I leave in the fridge. She loves to complain to the landlord about the parties we throw, but she is usually at them. So, we let our creepy friend walk in and turn on the light while she was mid-fuck with some poor kid who weighed about 100lbs. That dirty bitch deserves much, much worse.
M.S., School Not Given

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