ever wonder what would happen if there was no residential running limit of two?, then bush somehow gets elected (rigged to win by Oboma haters),·ell we decided to make a list in order. also by we i mean me it just sounds cooler that way.

  1. Take a shit on the top of the white house……
  2. Then say "take that America heh".
  3. Take a shit on the flag then eat it.
  4. Eats obomas puppy for breakfast then finds out it wasn't the worlds largist hot dog!!!!
  5. Bomb china because his squeaky toy built in china broke.
  6. Try to molest a teenage girl……..
  7. Then say "oh sorry sweet-checks thats Clintons thing".
  8. Have sex with a hoarse and say "YEAH THATS MORE MY THING".
  9. Bomb Texas because he thought it would end word hunger somehow.
  10. Eat a live pigs vagina for lunch, then be told 2 hours later it was not pizza like he thought.
  11. Nuke iraq because he thought it would kill a taxi driver that didn't speak english and was in new york.
  12. Find out his approval ratings and shoot his security guard, because his jacket had "U.S" on it so bush thought he gave him the rating.
  13. finds out shooting people is illegal.
  14. looks at photoshopped images of himself and bomb china because he assumes adobe was made there.
  15. Cant figure out how to eat Wendy's square hamburgers, so he bombs Australia to ease stress.
  16. He goes to a 5th grade classroom, was supposed to read to them but thought read meant to shit on the books so he did that.
  17. He raises taxes to spend on the ducks, because he knew Oboma wanted to raise taxes but he forgot what for.
  18. He wanted to end gay marriage so he bombed Uruguay, then finds out that its not the home of the gays.
  19. He takes another shot at ending gay so he bombs paris, later finding out there are not many gay people there.
  20. He gets a little high and joins the army, then gets shot 70 times in the back. The result? The war ends, the economy is fixed, and we celebrate bushes death.