Do you like high-energy sports and performing dare-devil feats in the outdoors? No? Do you long for the chance to engage in high-stakes competition without all the hassle of leaving your room? Then this is the game for you!
Here are the rules: start one of the groups listed below, get 1,000 people to join, then email us at INeedUrNumbersCuzMyPhoneBroke@gmail when you've completed the task. If you're the first one to do so, you get a free BustedTee.

These are the groups:

  • Still Coming To Grips With the Fact That It's Not Butter
  • People Against Excessively Long Facebook Groups Names Because It'sReally Annoying To Have To Read The Whole Thing When The Point Of TheGroup Was Already Explained In the First Few Words Of the Name Itself
  • The Committee To Make Joe Pesci Relevant Again
  • Bring Back Trans Fats Please
  • I Used to Eat Paper But My Mom Made Me Stop
  • Has Anyone Seen The Beat? I Just Had It Like An Hour Ago
  • One Million Strong Against Not Being Racist
  • I take pictures of my turds and send them to my friends
  • Petition for George Lucas to digitally re-master the StarWars trilogy again
  • More like Un-MODEST Mouse. Buncha Braggarts.
  • n64/ps3/xbox/360/gameboy Cheat Codes!  JOIN!
  • Bring back My Own Worst Enemy!
  • I masturbate all the time, I'm probably masturbating right now
  • Nobody knows if it's a boy or a girl, it's Pat!
  • How bout instead of a wet t-shirt we judge these girls for their intelligence maybe?
  • Rules were made to be obeyed
  • Do you remember the way the school bus smelled? So weird.
  • Is it just me, or is it hot in herre? (Like that Nelly song.)
  • Jello just isn't very good.
Ready? Go!
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