It's not fair! Man, why'd those dudes have to ruin it for the rest of us. Why in the 90's dudes were spending on credit like they had coins dripping from the buttholes. Now because of dear old dad, creditors are going to be pickier about who they give credit to.
      I mean, look man, I deserve to overspend just like pops. Hey, I deserve my day in debt, right! But, nooooo, goody-two-shoes credit corporations have to teach us fiscal responsibility and spending within our means. Why can't I spend outside my means, man?  I say, cool it with all that fancy talk of debt management, if I want debt it is my right as an American to have it. Who cares right? 
      What does it really matter if I don't have good credit? I don't want a fancy house. Me and my bros are hanging cool in pop's garage. And you know what, chicks don't really care either as long as you say you're a rock star. Hey, and I'm cool, I can survive on Sprite and corn chips.
      You don't see me complaining.  So to all you anal turds out there, let us have debt, it is our right.