Some of you… ok most of you may not want to admit it, but when it comes to women, you're completely clueless.  I'll tell you one thing however; the first step to figuring us out is by figuring out how our bodies work.  I'll start with the basics:

Sounds complicated huh?  OK I'll simplify it to something you can understand.
The clit, is like a genie in a lamp.  Like so:

It sits anxiously inside, waiting to come out and play.  But you can't just break the lamp open and grab the genie directly to get him out! Then you'll get angry genie:

Yeah, you don't want to see him.  He doesn't grant any wishes.  And sure as hell doesn't reciprocate.   What you want to do instead, is rub his lamp a little to warm him up and get him to slowly come out of hiding.  Like so:

This way, everyone is happy.  Get your 3 wishes and call it a day!