It's a cold blustery day on the campus of State U. and credit card salesman Jim Yournamehere stands at the entrance sad and lonely while dried leaves and trash from last night's frat party blows across his feet. There was once a time when salesman Jim was welcomed at State U. with beer bongs and beads and glory days of keg parties and kisses, but those days are long gone. Why? Because some radicals are giving credit cards a bad name.

      Rumors are multiplying how credit card companies tempt students with sweet deals and consumer products and then raise interest rates and fees, forcing youths in debt. Yes, because of those youthful and passionate demonstrations and declarations of the downfall of credit cards, many school administrators have put a ban on credit card solicitations on campus.

     But for Jim and others like him, costumer call center representative Becky Unknowname will not give up the fight to sell students well needed and deserved credit. "We have to think of the student's education," Becky Unknowname advises. "In order to teach debt management, students need to have debt to manage, and we are here offering this service. How can you learn debt management, if you don't have debt?"

     Jim Yournamehere agrees. And although he has been banned from campus and not allowed to offer "Free" giveaways for those who sign up, he has taken his personal one-on-one shop down town, where he offers free slices of pizza for a mere signature. "College students are hungry," Jim reports. "Some barely have the strength to sign their name on our credit card application, but that's where I come in. With a slice of sausage pizza and a can of Doctor Pepper, students learn that a little effort goes a long way to increased spending power." 
     "I get a lot of college students who come up to me and say, "'Man, I can't afford party supplies for the frat big blow out, or sausages for tailgating,"' Jim says. "It is hard for me to see kids not being able to live the full college experience simply because they don't have credit to do so. That's what I do. I give life and it is sad when some credit card naysayers are taking that life away."

     "It's all about financial literacy," Becky urges to the parents. "Do you want your child to be illiterate? These parents send their kids away to college to learn to read and so they too must learn about money and the best way to do so is with credit cards." Not to worry too much for Jim and Becky, because they have the support of their companies who offer donations to colleges.

     "We need to remind these college administrators that we donated the new library wing and stadium lights," Dick Hungstrong President of Bank Credit Corporations says. "We have partnered with these colleges to help educate students and we need their support to let our trusted employees help in their student's credit education."

     "These are scary times," Becky Unknowname says. "I have never received so many hang ups, accusations and insults in my life. I am trying to give these kids the extraordinary and priceless opportunity for these kids to live richly. I don't know why people need to be so mean."

     Jim Yournamehere will not give up hope on today's students. "They are young and this is their time to be rebellious. We'll meet up again when they buy their first house or car breaks down. I want to assure the students of today, there will always be credit cards when then need them and I will be here waiting."