Clay Aiken – Measure of a Man
I've loved Clay ever since American Idol and it was so dumb that that fat guy Ruben beat him in the championship. Ruben should be playing football or eating entire turkeys in one bite, not singing. When Clay sang Bridge Over Troubled Water on the finale I cried because it was the most beautiful thing in the world, ever. And it's soooo cute that he's gay but I really hope he's just bi or metrosexual or something so that I can marry him someday. But Clay being gay def makes the title of this album mad ironic looking back. Like rain on his wedding day, to me.
5/5 Stars

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Second Helping
I never got around to listening to it cuz I had homework and then The Hills was on but the track listing says that Sweet Home Alabama's on it and I like that song so I'm sure it's fine.
4/5 Stars

Radiohead – OK Computer
I listened to half of some song about an android. It was SO weird … hella ghey. If they ever want to make it big they should rap more, and do some songs with Kanye or JT. Also, WTF kind of a name is Thom? How do you even say it, is it a "th" sound or just a hard "t"? Maybe they can write some gay song about some stupid android named Thom.
Gay/5 Stars

Paramore – Riot!
They're so awesome and I love Hayley Williams she's such a cool girl and I want to be just like her she's so comfortable with herself that she doesn't care what people think of her and Misery Business is such a sweet song and they're easily the best rock band around right now and they had a song in Twilight which was SO awesome. Cept mom wouldn't let me see Twilight with my friends cuz I was grounded but I just downloaded it online so the joke's on her.
5/5 Stars

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III
Mom doesn't let me listen to rap because it has bad words but she's stupid because I hear people at school say those words all the time. The other day she took my iPod after she caught me listening to him but I know where the b*tch hides everything so I took it back. I like how he has songs about candy too, a lot of rappers are really vulgar but Weezy is cooler than them even when he's rapping about lollipops.
4.5/5 Stars

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
I think it's really cute that they let a deaf guy sing on their album. But did he have to sing ALL of the songs? Why did he even want to sing in the first place, it's not like he can listen to the music after. If they got a singer they'd be dece. And they have a super cool name it sounds like a Panic at the Disco song even though I would never listen to Panic because they're mad emo and this guy named Chester at my school who cuts himself and has blue hair listens to them. At least everyone thinks he cuts himself because he always wears those long sleeve shirts with the thumb-holes so that your wrists never show. Mom says he's just adjusting to school but I say he's a loser emo freak who'll never make any friends.
2/5 Stars

Nickelback – All the Right Reasons
Chad Kroeger is such a hottie and Nickelback is so amazing. They're like the best band ever and the music video for Far Away is the sweetest thing in the world when the lady thinks that her husband got hurt in the fire and then sees him again OMG they're just so good. I signed up for a Citi card with mom's info and bought every Nickelback-related thing online so that they pick me for the backstage passes. I prolly shoulda just bought tickets with the card instead, but they don't sell meet-and-greets I don't think so w/e.
5/5 Stars

Jonas Brothers – A Little Bit Longer
<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333. Mom just got a call from Citi and now she's crying. I hope I won.
A Million/5 Stars