December is here, and with it comes the long awaited World BCS Bowl Schedule! This year promises to bring many exciting match-ups as well as some obscure ones.  After the huge BCS rankings scandal, the final contest between #1 China and #2 USA will determine who is the dominant world power, and earn them bragging rights for another year.

        The Coca-Cola World Championship
        #1 China vs.  #2. USA

        The Fed-Ex Blitzkrieg Bowl
        #3 Great Britain vs. # 4 Germany

        The Trojan Condoms Bowl of Romance
        #5 France vs. Italy

         The High Times Smoke-a-Bowl
        Jamaica vs. The Netherlands

        // Bowl
        South Africa vs. Australia

         Pfizer Cheap Pharmaceutical Bowl
        Mexico vs. #8 Canada

        The One-sided Bowl
        Russia vs. Georgia

        The  Microsoft Outsourcing Bowl
        #10 India vs. Pakistan

        The "I Hate America" Bowl
        Iran vs. Venezuela
        The "If we lose we'll be executed" Bowl
        North Korea vs Cuba

        The World Music Bowl
        Enya vs. Yanni

        The " I can't believe our country actually won an Olympic Medal" Bowl
        Moldova (Boxing) vs. Togo (Kayaking)

        The "Believe it or not we had colonies" Bowl
        Belgium vs. Portugal