Everyone has had this scenario:

It is party time, and, even though everyone has had a bit to drink already, a few people have shot glasses in hand, full of whatever thier choice of delicious poision is. Of course, many people blank on what to toast to. Sure, if it is someone's birthday or finals week just ended, toast to those, but what if there is no appropriate occasion or person? Simple, you toast to one man.

Wilmer Valderrama.

"Who?" You may ask your monitor screen, expecting answer. Well, don't be foolish, you should just keep reading to find out who that is. And that is this man;

That's right. Fez from "That 70's Show."

Why him? Simple. He has, literally, nothing going on for him right now. Or at least nothing you care about. Except dating lots of hot chicks. Lucky. But still, a man cannot survive on hotties alone, this man needs a career.

So next time you need to toast to someone, do it for Wilmer. The guy needs someone kind of boost, I'm sure.

Also, Kurtwood Smith is acceptable.