1. Two in the pink…. prison? Come on, doesn't prison have enough gay connotations? Making these guys wear pink jumpsuits is only going to make them want to commit violent crimes as soon as they get out.
  2. Interestingly, these fire-breathers hate spicy foods. Seriously, you guys should try this at home. You know who should definitely try this, Ryan Pellico. You got that, Ryan. I hate you.
  3. Who knew a Zippo could be so magical? Maybe all these Zippo tricks will distract the ladies from the fact that you're the kind of guy who carries a Zippo.
  4. A baaaad, baaaaad horror movie preview. Obvious puns aside, I think a horror movie about sheep is long overdue. Who wants to see this with me?
  5. A Ninja will solve all your problems. Favorite line: "What should I be for Halloween?" "Quiet."

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