Boss (from Tahitti) Hey Brian, it's 84 degrees here, I just wanted to check in and see how the project is going?

Employee: Uh not so good. Surely, you've heard about the events in NY city right?.

Boss: Events, what events, I'm in the middle of nowhere, this call is costing me $42 a minute, what  happened?

Employee: Well sir, the office is in shambles….

Boss: You mean to tell me that I can't go on vacation without something going wrong. What's wrong with the project?

Employee: There was an attack on the city. Now bear with me on this……There were these aliens who could "transform" into giant metallic robots (Autobots) who were looking for something. I forget what it was. Then, their enemies (decepticons) came and were also looking for this thing and then like 10 of them fought it out right in front of the office. Our office is toasted.

Boss: That's actually  pretty funny. So really, how's the project, are we online?

Employee: Sir, I'm not joking, it's been all over the news. Apparantly Optimus Prime, a giant 18-wheeler who transformed into a tall robot was fighting with Megatron, a 110 year old fighter jet robot  and they smashed into the 2nd floor accounting two days ago. Luckilly, I was at lunch. A tank also ran over my car, which I will need to expense.

Boss: Wow, you could've just said the project was not going to be on time. That's a very elaborate lie…..and I will not have that in my company. You're fired.

Employee:  (frustrated) There's more, this box they were looking for, was used by Optimus Prime to kill Megatron on the street, then everything went back to normal almost immediately.  But half the city block is gone.

Boss:  So the project won't be on time?