Thank you! Muah! Kisses to all! Thank you! I'd like to thank my fellow beauty contestants for their suggestions of a multitude of beauty supplies that enhanced my beauty over theirs and made me a winner.  And special kisses to my pageant coach Gregor, who suggested I look at the book, "Shoulders Back, Chest Out. A way to capture the judge's eye."  And not to mention my stylist Thor, who helped me buy an expensive fashionable gown to wear for my coronation.

The price of it all was worth the investment, but mostly I'd like to thank the nice people at the

credit card company for offering me all those rewards.  With the cash back I received I am now able to afford the breast augmentation and collagen treatment. And even more so, the next pageant, I stand out even more to those who judge me.

So I say keep spending money American so you too look better and maybe you can receive rewards like me.