1. It's a threesome, because the girls cancel out

2. They're twins, threesome rules are in effect

3. They look similar, then it's just a tribute.

4. You spread peanut butter on your balls and your dog licks it off (Thank you "Road Trip")

5. You don't remember, because if you can't remember it never really happened

 6. You're in a different area code, zip code, state or country

7. You get away with it

8. It's with a celebrity (Ohh Jessica Alba, the things I would do to that ass)

9. You change the sheets afterwards.

10. She says it's ok

11. You can please all of them, (You also get a bonus medal of honor)

12. You don't look them in the eye

13. You get paid, because then it's just a job

14. You pull out (Sign your masterpiece, it's like Michelangelo not putting his name on Sistine chapel)

15. It was actually them but you were thinking of someone else

16. It was someone else but you were thinking about her

17. She's not human.

18. You keep your shoes on

19. They're on top (Ride me like Seabiscut Bitch)

20. You do it in a moving vehicle (There is no "said" geographical place of cheating)

21. You're both married, invalidates the cheating

22. You cried afterwards

23. It's with some one of the same sex

24. You say the word rape once during

25. It's with their best friend

26. Take a shower afterwards

27. You pay, because then you're supporting the U.S. economy

28. They don't find out

29. It's on a camera or photos, because then it's considered art

30. You use a condom (Genitals never touch)

31. You're related (Considered masturbation)

32. You cross your fingers (I didn't mean it!)

33. They have the same name

34. Your Mormon, because then it's considered an act of faith

35.  If you use an alternate alias (fake name)

36. You pull off an Effile tower, because then its male bonding experience and a tribute to French Architecture

37. You use Axe Snake Peel body wash  (How dirty boys get clean)

38. You call her your girl's name

39. It's with a teacher (Go further education)

40. You close your eyes (Same as masturbation)

41. You go home afterwards and fulfill your duty

42. You're not married, because dating is nothing more than an act of courtship

43. If it's done standing up (good sex is done horizontally)

44. If you didn't like it

45. It's just one time

46. Wearing a costume, because then your just playing your character role

47. People see you

48. It's for fitness purposes (and 1 and 2 and 3 and…..)

49. If you do it in the same room their sleeping in

50. Cloths stay on

51. The other person can't pick you out of a police line-up

52. The other person finished first

53. She weighs more then you

54. You're on a "break"

55. You're not "Official"

56. You were drinking and she was sober, because then you're a victim (date rape)

57. Xanax was ingested (What Happened)

58. It didn't mean anything

59. Handcuffs were used

60. You were on ecstasy, really who can say no when their on ecstasy?

61. Their of a different race, because then your only trying to help enforce ethnic bonds and eliminate diversity and prejudice

62. You ask yourself WWJD, and Jesus so would hit that shit

63. The girl will do things your girlfriend wont (i.e. ANAL)