What is turkey bowling?Why are we writing about it?No?FINE! I'll tell you.Turkey bowling is a "sport" practiced by bored grocery store employees in their off hours.Imagine bowling but instead of a ball you use a frozen turkey and instead of pins you use 2 liter soda bottles.If your grocery store is particularly cool they might even set up blacklights and have a Galactic Turkey Bowling night.Turkey Bowling is so popular that the leader of the free world – for a few more days, at least – took a shot at it back when he was on the campaign trail.President Bush bowled an impressive 9.

The folks over at "10 Items or Less" dared the CH staff to Turkey Bowl and try to beat GWB's score.We were all amazing at it, obviously, but only one of us stood above the rest.So I ask you this, who do you think won?

The Athletes

  • Jake
  • Sarah
  • Amir
  • Streeter
  • Dan
  • Pat
  • Jeff
We'll pick a random commenter who guesses correctly and send them a MyStErY PrIzE!!!1!