Remember when "10 Items Or Less," the new show on TBS had us turkey bowl and give a prize to the commenter who picked which one of us would be best at this ridiculous sport? Well, here are the results. Did you correctly pick which ridiculously non-athletic staff member got the highest score?

The commenter who picked the winner correctly is Todzilla from North Carolina State. And the craziest part? That is actually his real first name. So e-mail us to get your prize of a BustedTee of your choice, Todzilla. And thanks to TBS and "10 Items or Less" for getting us to play what will probably be the most absurd sport we'll play in 2009.

Check out the professional turkey bowlers who started the trend and inspired us all on 10 ITEMS OR LESS. All-new episodes start tonight at 11/10c on TBS.