The best buddy comedies start with good friends and a common interest. Sometimes that common interest is still a felony in thirty-three states. Here's eight of the funniest comedies about friends and the adventures they struggle to remember.

The Buddies: Four (then) mid-level stand-up comics of various ethnicities.

Euphemism of Choice: Mary Jane, which is also, in an example of sloppy screenwriting, the name of Dave Chappelle's love interest. Man, did anybody proofread this thing?
Why It Makes The List:
Trust us, it's not as funny as you remember, but it still feels endearingly like four friends just decided to make a movie. Also, it's nice to remember when we didn't have to share Chappelle with Chip Brewster from Sig Ki.  (Rick James!  Ha, remember? Remember when he said that?)

The Buddies: Devon Sawa, Jason Segel and Pete and Pete's "Big Pete" battle evil nerd Jason Schwartzmann. (Fun fact: The producer's decision that Sawa was the "most famous" of these four dates the movie's release to within a single six day period.)

Euphemism of Choice: Nothing too creative. "Hey, college kids, check out these guys with their "blunts" and "doobies". They're wacky and fun, just like you!"

Why It Makes The List:
It sometimes feels like a desperate studio attempt to craft random jokes into the "next American Pie", so it's good most of the jokes are really freaking funny.  Also, watch Hollywood douche-in-training Sawa squirm as he loses scene after scene to the exponentially funnier Segel and Schwartzmann.

Dude, Where's My Car
The Buddies: Back then they were "the guy from That 70s Show" and "Stifler". Now, they're "that d-bag From Punk'd" and "Stifler? It's Stifler, right?"  
Euphemism of Choice: Shibby, as in "Dude, they'll only give us a PG-13 rating if we call it shibby."
Why It Makes The List: Besides making Stifler (oh, like you know his real name) and Demi Moore's boy candy almost tolerable? It appears to have been entirely conceived, written, released, and distributed while stoned. From the movie's Wiki: "Balked, the five alien women merge together to become a giantess who starts eating people."   Bet that was one hell of a hangover.

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
The Buddies: The Asian guy from American Pie and Lex Luthor's mute Indian henchman from Superman Returns. (No, we're not kidding. Look it up.)
Weed Euphemism of Choice: Various, but summed up well in one sequence where Kumar's love for a bag is seen as twenty-year marriage, unpaid bills and domestic disturbances included.
Why It Makes the List: Any movie that includes both Neil Patrick Harris and a stoned cheetah yet manages to remain smart and tightly written deserves an Oscar. Or at least a far inferior sequel.

Stay tuned for Part 2!