December 31
My relationship with Maggie is over. I hate her, hate her so much. That bitch, that cu – no, I won't dwell on the past. For I have a bright future ahead of me – playing pool. I've decided to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Minnesota Fats and the great…um…well, I'm sure there are other famous pool players. Too many to list, in fact. And I aim to be one of them, for nothing will stop me now! I will live this dream and get over the venomous Miss May in the process. It sure beats going back to school anyway. Tomorrow I will steal my father's cue. But tonight, I drink in celebration, for tonight is the first night of my new life!

January 1
Too hung over to do much of anything. So much angry drinking last night. Damn you Maggie for making me feel this way. God, I hate you. Tomorrow I will steal the cue, but tonight – more sleep! And Gatorade. Lots and lots of Gatorade.

Jan. 2
Success! With my father firmly engrossed in his nightly "Mannix" rerun, I was able to sneak into his bedroom unnoticed and took his cue, which I'm currently considering giving a nickname of some sort. Excalibur? The Widow Maker? A woman's name perhaps? Margaret? I'll think of something. With my journey now underway, I set out on the open road, unsure of where it will lead me, but undoubted in my success.

Jan. 7
Holy fuck, is pool hard. I thought I'd have turned my modest bankroll into a tidy profit by now, but I have yet to win a single game and I haven't eaten anything in over four days. I mustn't let this temporary setback dampen my spirit. I will prevail!

Jan. 15
I'm so hungry I'm giving serious thought to doing some very immoral things for a sandwich. In hindsight, this was not a very well thought out plan. Steal a cue and start playing pool – what the fuck was I thinking?

Jan. 21
My first victory! A minor one, but still, something to build on. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Did you know that? Also, I bet you didn't know a cue could be used not only for pool, but also to bludgeon an opponent unconscious in order to steal his wallet? It's true.

Feb. 3
The little money I "won" is long gone. I miss Maggie. And indoor toilets.

Feb. 5
(Ed. – writing mostly ineligible)
Crossed a large pool shark today. Broke thumbs. Won't be writing for a while.

Feb. 21
Had to burn the cue for firewood. So cold. So very, very cold. This was a stupid fucking idea.

March 3
I called my father and had him come pick me up. I searched his eyes for some flash of anger, and I wish I could detect some, but I could only see a profound sadness and sense of disappointment instead. He asked me where his cue was, but I think that he could tell by the way I pretended to be asleep that he was never going to see that stick again.

March 18
Back home now. With my spirits – and thumbs – bruised but raised, I look to the future. Clearly, pool is not my game, a lesson I learned all too well. But what is my next step? Where to go from here? I know – a band! That's what I'll do, I'll join a band! All my problems are over! Huzzah!

But first, maybe I should give Maggie a call. I haven't heard from her in a while.