Well it is the time of the week Jake used to call his favorite time of the week. Now that he is gone, I wonder if he ever really meant it at all. I like to think he did. Anyway you know the drill and as always post any WYRs you may want to ask in the comments or in an e-mail to WeeklyWYR@gmail.com

  • Roll around naked on rusty nails and thumbtacks or Rosie O'Donnel? From Gallagher
  • Always sound like you are crying or always sound like you're completely sarcastic? From Chris
  • Have the secret powers of Alex Mack or not be a radioactive mutant hunted by an evil corporation? From Alex
  • Co-own a business run by George W Bush or co-own a basketball team run by Isaiah Thomas? From Patrick
  • Have complete political and criminal immunity or be completely immune to all drugs and illness? From Sarah
  • Have a home, food, and steady income in Ellesmere Island, Canada (farthest northern town in Canada) or be completely homeless and broke with no family in El Paso, Texas? From Leigh
  • Look like Clint Howard and sound like Morgan Freeman or look like Brad Pitt and sound like Fran Drescher? From Jenny
  • Have one line in a film that won a Best Picture Oscar or win a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor/Actress? From Jonas
  • Be Micahel Vick's pitbull or Andy Dick's lover? From Javier
  • Still have The Weekly WYR even though it is done by some random person or let it be retired by the staff of College Humor? From Me
This week's winner of the "Carlos Mencia" award go to Justin, who asked:
  • Would you rather smoke fake weed with Peter Frampton or smoke real weed with a guy who looks like Peter Frampton
Well, I hope I did a some what reputable job. Post your WYR's in the comments or send them to WeeklyWYR@gmail.com