I wanted to write about something that everyone loves and after making countless lists and running various ideas by friends I finally found something everyone loves resting a mere 4 inches under my chin. BOOBS!. Who doesn't love a great pair of boobs, seriously? Urbandictionary.com defines boobs as "God's most lovely creation" and here is your "Thursday 13" to prove that point…

Thursday 13
Why Boobs Rule

1 – Insta-pillow
2 – Large cleavage often doubles as a cup holder
3 – Boobs can get girls free drinks
4 – Boobs can double as floatation devices
5 – Without boobs you'd basically be dating a 12 year old
6 - Titty tassels (duh)
7 – No waiting in lines at clubs/bars
8 – You can keep your hands warm by sticking them in between your boobs
9 – Low cut shirts and push up bras double as a goal for table top sports
10 – Boobs have hypnotizing powers
11 – Boobs allow those feeling nostalgic about the sound of a boat motor to remember it fondly
12 – Bra doubles as a purse
13 – No tickets from police officers