I think most of you have probably seen the Brian Alvarez?owFlex home gym commercial. He is the complete bro who rants about how much weight he has lost and eventually lays on the bombshell: "I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends". Well, luckily I was able to secure the reaction from a couple of his fat friends¡fter they first saw the commercial.

Uh, hey bro. Um, well so I was at the beach on vacation, hitting up the boogey boarding and I saw that commercial you did for BowFlex. Gotta say, that was some pretty messed up s***, dude. I thought you gave me those t-shirts out of friendship but I guess it was only because I am fat. I was actually watching the commercial with my daughter and she asked me if I was one of your fat friends, I said yes, it hurt.

Bro, Brian, what the fuck man! I was totally diggin' those sweet plus sized polo's you gave me a few months ago only to find out you are doggin' me on TV dude, super gay.¼/span>

Woah, Brian, I was about to pick up the phone and call you to see if you wanted to throw the football around, but then I see that commercial, I look down and realize that I'm wearing a pair of your jeans, thanks dude.¼/div>