Well it is the time of the week Jake used to call his favorite time of the week. Now that he is gone, I wonder if he ever really meant it at all. I like to think he did. Anyway you know the drill and as always post any WYRs you may want to ask in the comments or in an e-mail to WeeklyWYR@gmail.com

Would Your Rather…

  • Only speak in Lol cat or sound like Boxxy? From Katie
  • Lose one thumb or lose both big toes? From Paul
  • Have regular sex with a supermodel that you can't tell anyone about be thought to be gay or have sex with an average girl and have everyone know you are straight? From Riley
  • Have a week straight of snowdays or go to school but actually have power at your house? From Sarah
  • Spend your entire life on a hippie commune or spend your entire life on a military base? From Kaci
  • Only be able to speak in Will Ferrell quotes or Dennis Miller rants? From Peter
  • Have a perpetual sore throat or a perpetual burnt tongue and roof of mouth? From Josh

And this week's "Look you contributed to something you despise" award goes to Hate Fest who asked
  • WYR be a loser who continues a shitty article or have a life and not be a virgin?
As we got 8 Likes and 17 comments, I will keep this up. However, I need you to keep suggesting WYRs. Basically, if one gets sent it gets published right now. If it drops off I will probably have to stop.