Yup…we've all been there…

Thursday 13
Why Your Drunken Hook Up Was Hot Last Night


1 – Their whiskey breath overpowers the usual garlic and onion breath

2 – Your asshole friends told you they were hot (obviously, you need new friends)

3 – Her drunken slurs and everyday speech impediments have melted together making her speech understandable

4 – The smell of liquor and beer masks their horrid body odor

5 – The dim bar lights have toned down their butter colored teeth

6 – She told you she had season tickets to the Yankees

7 – The disheveled look is suddenly in when everyone is wasted

8 – The bar has been serving $.50 drafts all night…and you brought a roll of quarters

9 – The shine in her hair that you thought was gel, you now realize is grease

10 – The way she was grinding against the wall was a turn on…but now you realize she was just itching her psoriasis

11 – He said he was "pre-med"

12 – You felt like a stud because for once, you didn't have to pay for it

13 – You thought she said "I can make it clap!" when she really said "I have the clap"