CEO: Gentlemen, we've only got a few weeks before the Super Bowl and need to make these commercials better than last year's.

Calloway: Well, what's the first thing someone thinks of when they're looking to buy a web domain?

Richards: A chick with fake boobs getting sprayed with a hose.

Johnson: Wow, that…doesn't make sense at all.

Calloway: Love it. Cut and print.

CEO: It's good, there's no doubt about that.

Johnson: How about a commercial that actually, ya know, explains what we do?

Richards: Genius. We get a hot chick with huge fake knockers…

Calloway: Salivating

Richards: She's dressed up like a slutty librarian and is about to explain our services when, get this, she's sprayed with a hose.

CEO: That's the…best idea I've ever heard.

Calloway: Nice, Johnson! Goes for high five

Johnson: No, no. That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm proposing that we do a commercial not based around fake breasts for once.

CEO: You like em' natural, eh?

Richards: He's right, let's get a REAL woman.

Calloway: What about Danica Patrick?

Richards: Nice, let's put her in the shower.

Calloway: Perfect. That's like bringing her to the hose.

CEO: First commercial finished! We need one more.

Johnson: Wait…but…

Calloway: Commercial two, I'm thinking something in a court room.

Richards: I am seriously so effing hard right now, guys.

CEO: Go on…

Calloway: Danica Patrick is in it again, she says the word "enhanced."

Johnson: frustrated And then a model with fake boobs rips open her blouse?

Calloway: …I was just gonna say she gets sprayed with a hose. But that's f*cking genius.

Richards: I seriously need to go the bathroom.

CEO: Johnson, you are the best Go Daddy employee that hasn't been sprayed with a hose.

Richards: Until now!

Richards pulls out a hose and sprays Johnson. They start chanting "Go Daddy."

Johnson: I hate my job.