It's not so easy living with a roommate with no social skills.  It's even worse when that roommate avoids any and all personal interaction.  Add on top of that the fact that he never leaves the room, has no friends, drinks a lot of various liquids, and is just a slob in general and you have my roommate.  Now let's say you're sick of having to take out the recycling every week, especially since most of the stuff is his.  What's a creative and fun way to get him todo it for once?  "Leave him a polite note" would be a good idea, but let's say that this particular roommate just drank a bunch of your beer without asking and pretended it didn't happen despite the fact that the empty cans are sitting right there on his desk.  What would be a passive-aggressive way to get him to do it?


1. Let it pile up: More passive than aggressive, this technique requires the least amount ofwork.  Just let the pile of empty bottles and cans grow and grow.  Make bets with your friends about how many weeks (or months) it will be until your roommate handles the situation.  This works especially well if you don't mind climbing mountains of bottles to get anywhere – for the sake of science.


2. Separate the recycling into yours and his (and only take out yours): Similar to the "let it pile up" technique, this removes any sort of guilt or responsibility you might feel when you realize that half of the mess that is currently overwhelming your room is yours.  Simply create your own small recycling pile and remove it when necessary.  Hopefully, your roommate will notice that the sticky and smelly mess that is slowly enveloping your bedroom is completely his and feel responsible it.


3. Dump it all overhis bed: This might be a tough job (especially if you've tried any of thefirst two methods for a while) but it's sure to get his attention.  The task is simple – while he's out of ther oom, move the monstrous pile of recycling to his bed.  When he comes back, pretend like you have no idea how it happened.  Hopefully he'll get the hint and deal with it, but it's possible he could just push everythingoff his bed and continue to let it pile up.


4. Notify the Board of Health: This could probably be considered the epitome of passive-aggressiveness.  At this point you should have months of recyclables stacked up and if you and your roommate haven't yet suffocated under the mountain of used containers, a letter from the Board of Health might be just what it takes to get your point across.  A simple anonymous tip on your part and a visitation threat on theirs will hopefully prompt your roommate into action.


5. Kick his ass: Admittedly, this is pretty much completely aggressive and not at all passive, but let'sface it – if your roommate has ignored all your hints at this point he totally deserves it.  You might even want to use any of the surrounding bottles to bludgeon him for an added bonus.  But if he ignores even this you might just have to suck it up and deal with the mess yourself.