[picture:1896104|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=This could very well be the MOST EXTREME SPORT EVER!!!]

[picture:1895395|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Six months ago: "I'm going to get a white tux. Trust me dude, it's gonna be PIMP."]

[picture:1896932|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=This point of view is looking out from the cockpit of a modded Millennium Falcon Civic.]

[picture:1897983|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Follow this man. He is a true leader.]

[picture:1896011|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Let's just hope they're not all chasing him.]

[picture:1895663|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Martin Luther King of the Fighters '99]

[picture:1895589|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Hore we to judge?]

[picture:1896116|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Oh man you just missed it! All I can say is that it was incredible. Probably the coolest thing you've ever missed. In your life.]

[picture:1895588|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=The sad part about funny nerd underwear is that nobody ever gets to see it.]

[picture:1896741|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=The author was obviously mauled by an elephant in his youth. There's really no other explanation for such gratuitous illustrations in a children's book.]