1. Describe an event, issue, person, place or thing that has affected your life without boring me to tears. I read like 4200 of these a day.
2. History plays an important part in our lives. Name a historical figure who isn't Benjamin Franklin, your grandfather, or Martin Luther King, Jr. and describe what role they have played in your life.
3. Discuss an issue of local, national, or personal importance to me and describe why I'm right about it.
4. Fiction sometimes inspires people more so than non-fiction. Please describe, in fiction, your achievements and abilities.
5. Experience is the best teacher. List some experiences you have had that are not completely PG-13. Like anyone ever had any real fun on Yearbook staff.
6. Diversity is important to colleges. In 500-750 words, are you a minority (Y/N)?
7. Topic of my choice: Mad Libs. Go.