It's gone from snowing to kinda good weather lately which means that before we know it the time will be here for us all to crank up the summer tunes and get in that bbq party spirit. To get extra psyched, make sure you include these bad boys in your playlist:

Number 5: The All-American Rejects: Swing, Swing

Nobody remembers this as an awesome song to read by the fire to – it's just a quintessential summer tune. It was even in The OC, man. Listen to this song with the heating turned all the way up, crack open a Sunkist with your eyes closed and you will be at the beach. Also, pretty much every song that was featured in one of the first three American Pie movies was considered for this list.

Number 4: Blink-182: All the Small Things

Now they're back together, we can all be sure of future jams from the triple threat but this little ditty will forever be their summer anthem. If listening to this doesn't remind you of the energetic partying days of your youth when hangovers were for oldies, then you've totally missed out on the glory days of painless teenage drinking.

Number 3: Pharrell feat Jay-Z: Frontin'

Remember when Pharrell was more popular than Kanye? This was one chill song to have on in the car when there was no breeze, or at night when everybody was slowly passing out from "heatstroke". Even the video was hot with everybody covered in that thin layer of sweat. This was on repeat at every party during summer '03.[citation needed]

Number 2: DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince: Summertime

OK, so this is a really obvious one… but Summertime has been dominating summer ragers for EIGHTEEN YEARS. That's right; if this song was a kid then he would be just getting ready for college. No matter what time of year, hearing this track will put a smile on your face and bring back sweet memories of summer-summer-summertime, a time to sit back and rewind…

Number 1: Third Eye Blind: Semi-Charmed Life

Again, featured in American Pie, but come on – this is undeniable. The melody alone screams summer, the lyrics are for when you got a little bit older and started to understand, which just gave it another level to love it on. This makes you think about throwing up after too many margs, playing Frisbee from a sun lounger, stealing "HighStreet" signs and not caring about anything else except fun. Of course, that's coz you did all these things last weekend with this tune as your soundtrack!