Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"

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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

One day at work an older co-worker asked me for the phone number we call to see if the office is closed because we were expecting inclement weather that night. I gave her the phone number and asked if she also wanted the web address. She said "No, I live at the end of my street and it takes the internet forever to get to my house."
Grace McKiernan, Texas State University

My mom just got a Facebook account a few weeks ago and on Valentine's Day she posted on my wall:"I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR VD!!!"
Alex Brum, Florida State

Every time I text my mom, she calls me to ask how to open the message.
Lincoln Sewell

My dad couldn't find his phone one day, so he asked my mom to call it. I whipped out my cell to help him out, but he wouldn't let me make the call. He informed us that he wouldn't be able to hear it if I used my cell because "my phone rings quieter when a cell phone calls it than when the house phone calls." After a good ten minutes of laughter and ridicule, he still insisted that it was "just common sense."
Rachel S, Auburn

I have a laptop that has a key that broke off. I have been using the little pad underneath instead of paying to get the entire keyboard replaced. I went to my grandparents house for the holidays and my aunt saw me on my computer and shouted at me to not touch the key. When I asked her why she tried to explain that i could "electrocute" myself if I touched it because of loose wiring underneath. Before I could respond my grandfather said that it was not true but that I could "get" radiation and, and I quote, "finger cancer."
Michael F.

I was watching TV with my parents when one of the "PC vs. Mac" commercials came on. My mom turns to me and says, "PC needs to get a better spokesperson, he's just not that good."
Jeff J

My dad decided to be cool and create a Facebook account. But I guess he wanted my mom to be in on it too, so he created the account to have both names in it… So for example, the name is (I will change their names for my sake… ) "Bob Susan Kramer." He then requested my friendship, and I denied it without hesitation.
Nick K, Minnesota-Duluth

My fiance's birthday is tomorrow, so today, my mom (who recently discovered facebook) asked, if she wrote "Happy Birthday" on my fiance's wall, would she get it by tomorrow?
Lyle Danger, University of Wyoming

My dad chewed enough Nicorette gum to get a free iPod Shuffle. The day it came in the mail, he wore it around all day, listening to songs everywhere at anytime (including dinner). I picked it up a couple days later to find out he had one song on it, the sample music that came with an old version of Windows. He had been listening to a midi file of Pachelbel's Canon in D on repeat for about 12 hours straight.
Ben Dave, BSU

A few days ago in my Math class my instructor was trying to figure out how to get a virtual calculator on the computer (it was connected to a projection screen). It was to help us figure out how to set up some complicated table on our calculator. However, when he finally brought up the calculator he looked at the screen with a really puzzled look. We sat there for about 30 seconds before he finally asked, "How do I get that back off there?" Nobody had any idea what he was talking about. He started to click around the screen before he finally said, "I don't want those clouds." Turns out he was talking about the desktop. So in an attempt to waste class time we told him to click the internet explorer and go to the (spelled it out slowly). He was mad that we wasted about 5 minutes of everyone's "valuable" time.
Corey Shultz, LCCC

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