For the old vet drinkers and the new, there is an energy/alchohol adventure waiting for you at your local Sevs(a.k.a. seven eleven). If your tired and bored of your Tuesday nights drinking two Jooses and throwing up in your dorm's public parking lot as all the girls on your hall watch, there is a quicker and tastier way to end this horrifically embarrassing night with cash remaining in your pocket for your dime-bag hangover cure before your eight o'clock Philosophy class. Yes, you heard right, and if you were curious, (and I know you are) this cocktastic chemical composition is called Four Loko($2.83)! The exclamation mark is necessary as a product of the drunk and crack induced coma this shit will put you in. I know because before writing this review I drank four of them (pun). It will also make you use an unnecessary amount of parenthesis and exlamation marks! Anyways, I now officially introduce the Four Loko Loko Challenge! Whoever can drink four Four Lokos in one drinking session will be the drinking god among gods. I now dare any ignorant freshman or overweight alchoholic six year graduates to take part in this challenge. THe prize is victory,honor,respect among the bros, and probably no pussy. Now go forth and spend your mom's "snack" money on this delicious fruit punch treat. To infinity and beyond (Buzz Lightyear)!