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My roommate is completely obsessed with Doritos and eats them for basically every meal. One night she was talking about how excited she was to come home after the bars and eat her Doritos. Unfortunately, I wasn't go out with her because I had a test the next day, so when she left I decided pulling a little practical joke would be more fun than studying. My friend and I put all the chips in a plastic bag and then filled the Doritos bag with saltines and but it back in the pantry. Around 1:00am I woke up from my roommate scream about the Doritos "I am going to fucking kill who ever took my Doritos!!" I was laughing hysterically in my bed when I heard her coming up the stair. I quickly locked my door so she wouldn't bother me. As she tried to bust in (not imagining in might be locked) she actually hit her whole left side on the door and fell over. After a few seconds I guess she got up and just decided to go to bed. The next morning she came down and had a giant bruise on the side of her face. She now keeps a spare bag of Doritos hidden in her room just in case.
Liz K, University of Missouri

When we were roommates in the dorms, I used your electric toothbrush to clean the inside of my dishes. But I rinsed it off pretty thoroughly afterward.
Jackson M., UNR

So my best friend for at least four years decides he's suddenly in love with my female best friend (who I've known since preschool. Goddamn preschool, dudes. And dudettes). So he starts hitting on her, and she's all weirded out at first, but then she suddenly likes it. So they get together and he starts being a total shitface to everyone. All he thinks about is her – all the fucking time – and worse, all he TALKS about is her. "My girlfriend this, my girlfriend that," godDAMMIT, shut up! So me and a few friends get sick of this and decide to screw with him. We know his recovery question is "What was the name of your pet?" And so we make a facebook group called "Name of your pet." Well, dumbass Loverboy joins and posts his old pet's name. So we take it and go hack his yahoo account, then we hack his facebook. From there, it was just a matter of screwing around, changing shit until he was a laughingstock and his girlfriend broke up with him.Moral: Don't forsake your friends because you got a girlfriend, asshole. Now you're alone and helpless. Fun, isn't it? Fuck you.
Michelle, School Not Given

Since I'm a commuter, I just have to say, Mom, it was me who ate all the cookies.
Phil Saponaro, UD

Hey Kevin. I know you were excited when you got a new girlfriend on campus. And sure, I was understanding when you requested the room more often than usual for the first couple weeks. But when I told you that my girlfriend was driving up and I needed the room just one time, you proceeded to take up the room for the entire night. The kicker here is that your girlfriend's room was unlocked and unoccupied the entire time. So, I decided that her room needed a little redecorating. Since my girlfriend was feeling a little frisky, while we were in the act (on your girlfriends bed), she started pulling down a ThunderCats poster. And, well, since I didn't want to finish on your girlfriends sheets, I decided to finish on the poster and stick it back on the wall. Good as new! I don't know for sure, but I like to think this was the reason you two broke up after a month. Oh, and, uh, I'm sorry.
Sam Stratton, Bridgewater State

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