In case you managed to forget, we have a show on MTV and it's been doing great. Our ratings are awesome and that's because you fine people have been watching, so thank you.

Making this show has been a very fun experience, but it's also been a really strange one. It's no wonder we've been getting a ton of questions from you guys, and not just the normal questions like "Does Sarah have a boyfriend?" and "You guys are gay," but genuine queries about the show. So, as a little thank-you-for-watching and a big screw-the-stupid-Oscars, we'd love to try and answer any questions you have. Just leave them in the comments and we'll answer them in a couple days.

Don't forget to watch the show this Sunday at 9:30pm/8:30c on MTV. It's about the morning after our annual Hottest College Girl party and it's one of our favorite episodes.

Also, the Oscars suck. For real.